Advanced Electrolysis

We can remove skin tags, moles, millia, red veins, keratosis and warts using either advanced electrolysis or the plasma pen. 

There are 4 commonly known states of matter which consists of solid, liquid, gas and plasma.
Plasma comprises of an ionised gas charged with equal amounts of negative and positive charged electrons when it hits the atmosphere, in the air to create a small electrical arc, similar to a very small bolt of lightning, and hits the skin, it evaporates any liquid in the skin at the exact point of contact and burns the lesions on impact, therefore it is crucial to carry out treatment with control, precision and accuracy to avoid the risk of damaging the tissue.

The plasma pen will deliver millisecond pulses of energy to the skin which converts into thermal energy.

Skin Tags & Moles/Milia: 15 Min £95.00
Skin Tags & Moles/Milia: 30 Min £180.00
Hair: 15 Min £30.00
Hair: 30 Min £55.00
Hair: 60 Min £100.00